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Information and Rules

This special offer is for new Participants (students, graduates and applicants) participating in this online education program. Only “approved” Participants, Students and Organizations can qualify.  The course needs to be completed and an official “Certificate of Completion” issued with a unique ID code (digital badge).

All passes or tickets are subject to availability. Participants who complete the course will receive one (1) VIP pass to Hollywood Sports Park or SC Village Paintball Park. Participants must choose one (1) park only. 

Passes will be issued, via email, to each participant with detailed instructions.

Every participant (student, graduate or applicant) will need to go online to select the “participating paintball park” (only one park can be selected), fill out, sign and submit a waiver form to access.  Once waiver form is properly completed, signed and submitted, the participant will receive an email with the waiver form with a barcode.

For more information, here are the Giant Paintball Park websites:  or visit

All passes are provided by Giant Paintball Parks and are subject to their rules. The electronic passes have no cash value and can not be resold.

For Sporting Events, tickets will be issued out starting with the first game available and so on.Participants cannot choose and/or select any game.